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Queenstown as New Zealand's Gateway to the Bitcoin World

‍Renowned for its breathtaking vistas of Lake Wakatipu and the Southern Alps, as well as its attraction as a luxury tourist destination, Queenstown could become a premier hub for Bitcoin innovation in New Zealand. Alongside exotic locales like El Zonte in El Salvador and the lakeside city of Lugano in Switzerland, Queenstown has been establishing its own local Bitcoin economy of innovators, businesses, and initiatives. From burgeoning startup ventures to Bitcoin community events and the building of Bitcoin infrastructure, Queenstown could become a hub for this new monetary technology in New Zealand.

The Bitcoin Scene in New Zealand in 2023

A summary of the Bitcoin Scene in New Zealand in 2023. A guide to Bitcoin Adoption, Events, History, Exchanges, Companies, Mining, Media, Personalities, Regulation, Tax Treatment, Opportunities and Headwinds for Bitcoin in the Land of the Long White Cloud.

How to buy non-KYC Bitcoin from New Zealand?

A guide to how to buy non-KYC Bitcoin from New Zealand for Kiwis. A summary of the best KYC free options: Peer to Peer,, Hodl Hodl, Robosats and Bisq. Includes the best payment methods available from NZ. How to buy Bitcoin from New Zealand without giving up your Privacy.

The Future of Money - Private Innovation Issues Paper - A Guide for Kiwi Bitcoiners

This is a guide for Kiwi Bitcoiners on the Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s request for feedback on their issues paper - The Future of Money - Private Innovation / Te Moni Anamata - Te Auahatanga. What it’s about, a condensed version of the paper, what you have to do and some handy resources.

How to Set Up a Bitcoin Wallet and Buy Your First Bitcoin – For Beginners

This is a guide for people who want to learn how to setup a Bitcoin Wallet and buy their first Bitcoin in New Zealand. This guide will get you using Blue Wallet on your Android or iOS device and then using EasyCrypto to buy Bitcoin.

Estimating the Mental Burden of Fiat

Saifedean Ammous is vocal on many channels (podcasts, his books, his other writings) about how in the fiat world you have to “earn your money twice”. His point is that because fiat loses purchasing power constantly you need to not only earn your money at work, but you need to also put in work just to mountain purchasing power. This often involves researching stocks, or other financial gambles.

Kiwi Bitcoiners Chat on GlobalBTCFest

GlobalBTCFest is a weekly Twitter space celebrating Bitcoin adoption with communities worldwide. A bunch of New Zealand Bitcoiners recently caught up to talk about our favourite New Zealand food, places and songs, as well as the future of Bitcoin adoption in New Zealand.

Where to buy Bitcoin in New Zealand?

Looking to buy Bitcoin in New Zealand? Everyone’s Bitcoin journey starts in the same place, figuring out how to buy your first “sats”. This is a guide for Kiwis about where to buy Bitcoin in New Zealand, we’ll summarize your best options, compare prices, go over the pros & cons of each service and share some experiences from other Kiwi Bitcoiners.